Linum Rufus Oilcloth Stripe Fabric in Blue and White


Classic Linum Rufus stripe extra wide oilcloth in blue and white. A Linum 100% cotton woven stripe fabric which has been treated with waterbased Acrylat to prevent stains from penetrating the fabric, creating a surface that can be easily wiped down and does not fray. This pre-washed oilcloth, with a light sheen, has a soft flexible texture that is great for tablecloths, it also sews really well if you need a cushion or chair covering that can be wiped down. Some of our customers have also successfully used this fabric for roller blinds as the cut edge can be left without stitching.

Please note: The price is per metre, but if you would like a specific length or a sample please call us at the shop on 01273 470248. We do not accept returns on fabric.


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Blue, White


100% Cotton coated with waterbased Acrylat


Fabric width (extra wide): 170cm


Machine wash 30* Iron on reverse on a low setting to re-activate the coating

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